Follow The Trails Mongolia

Vast countryside, rugged nature and the unique culture of nomadic people: Mongolia will broaden your horizons.


Chasing the Int. GS Trophy 2018

Experience your own personal adventure
Rugged landscapes, steppes, deserts, genuine wilderness and centuries-old nomad culture far from mass tourism: Mongolia is a fascinating country. And it will be even more exciting to ride a BMW GS along original BMW Motorrad Int. GS Trophy routes. You will rediscover yourself and your bike right here, between white cliffs, pastel-coloured hills and breathtaking rock formations.

This is what is waiting for you

Off-road at ist best

Mongolia offers an unexpected variety of off-road possibilies. You can look forward to discovering all the different landscapes on GS bikes. While taking the daily routes of the BMW Motorrad Int. GS Trophy, you will experience Mongolia in a very authentic way, meet locals who will be delighted to chat to you and find out what #SpiritofGS means to us.

Certified instructors

Follow The Trails is the ultimate off-road adventure, where BMW Motorrad-certified instructors safely take you off-road to undiscovered places. On these tours, you will explore corners of a country that remain inaccessible to others. The adventure begins where the road ends.

Experience Details

Services included

  • 9 days support by our partner
  • 8 nights’ accommodation
  • Airport shuttle on arrival and departure day
  • Catering with 3 meals per day
  • Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks during the day
  • Support from BMW Motorrad-certified instructors
  • Local tour guide (English and German)
  • Support vehicle for technical support and luggage transport
  • Medical care
  • BMW R 1250 GS including fully comprehensive insurance (with excess)
  • Petrol

Alcoholic beverages, airline tickets, cancellation insurance and all services not listed above are not included.



Arrival day

Arrival to Ulaanbaatar: you will be welcomed by the team from our partner Enduropark Hechlingen and a transfer to the base camp "Chingis Khaan Khuree" on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar is waiting for you. Our partner will introduce you to the programme for the tour and provides you with the most important information. After a briefing, equipment check and handover of the motorcycles, there is time to get to know each other and have dinner together.

First stage

Chingis Khaan Khuree camp to Tsagaan Suvraga camp (approx. 450 km): the first day of riding takes you through Mongolia’s seemingly endlessly steppe towards the south and you will past gigantic herds of horses before heading even further south to see the first camels. On the last 80 kilometres you ride along the “Magic Cliffs”, a spectacular rock formation, to today's destination Tsagaan Suvraga camp.

Second stage

Tsagaan Suvraga camp to Gobi Oasis camp (approx. 230 km): first highlight of the second day of riding is a fairly rare sight in the south: a petrol station. The route continues southwards through increasingly desert-like landscapes with large camel herds and you reach the capital of the south: Dalanzadgad. In the late afternoon, you arrive at this stage’s destination camp, Gobi Oasis. China as well as Inner Mongolia are a mere 200 kilometres away through the Gobi desert while the mighty foothills of the Altai mountains appear on the horizon.

Third stage

Gobi Oasis camp to Ongi camp (approx. 240 km): you will be riding the first 100 km on the outskirts of the Gobi desert until you reach today’s first highlight, the gigantic rock formations of Bayanzag, also known as the “Flaming Cliffs”. You have the opportunity to explore the region, a site where many fossils were discovered in the fiery red canyons, including dinosaur remains. The ride continues across large chotts, dry lakes and canyons made of lava rock to today’s destination, Secret of Ongi camp.

Fourth stage

Ongi camp to Munkh Tenger camp (approx. 280 km): heading north along the Ongi River, you leave behind desert-like sceneries and move into grassy landscapes. Full concentration is needed on the next 60 km section of the route on the way to the capital city which is in an appalling state as a result of the many trucks using it. The journey continues further northwards through the typical Mongolian grass steppe to this stage’s destination, the former capital Kharkhorin.

Fifth stage

Munkh Tenger camp to Hatan Ugii camp (approx. 280 km): you are heading along the Orkhon River for the first 150 km through beautiful mountain regions and grass steppe. Depending on the water level, you will cross the Tamir River or take a bypass route further towards Ögii Nuur Lake to reach the Khatan Ugii camp right on the lake shore.

Sixth stage

Hatan Ugii camp to Hoyor Zagal camp (approx. 210 km): leaving the lake behind, you travel through the steppe, repeatedly interrupted by sand dunes with sandy riding sections. In the afternoon, you will pass through gigantic trial farmland with which Mongolia is trying to become less dependent on imports. The destination for this day is the Hoyor Zagal camp.

Seventh stage

Hoyor Zagal camp to Chingis Khaan Khuree camp (approx. 300 km): on the way back to Ulaanbaatar, you will be able to marvel once again the endless expanse and gigantic dimensions of this country. Having reached the base camp near Ulaanbaatar in the afternoon, a joint Mongolian farewell dinner is planned to share all the impressions of the past trip.

Departure day

Departure: after breakfast, the motorcycles have to be returned with a heavy heart and you will start your journey home – with new friendships and many unforgettable memories in your luggage.

A group of motorcyclists in Mongolia

Frequently asked questions

How can I book a Fuel For Life experience?
  • Click on the trip you are interested in
  • Find out about the details
  • Enter your details and booking preferences
  • We will then send a contact form to our hosting partner who will contact you with the offer tailored to your requirements.
Who organises Follow The Trails Mongolia?

Follow The Trails Mongolia is an offer provided by the Enduropark Hechlingen. The Fuel For Life partner independently organises the experience and offers it to participants on their own behalf. All information about this offer, including details on prices, has been provided by the Fuel For Life partner.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Enduropark Hechlingen’s team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about Follow The Trails Mongolia. Simply get in touch with them using our request form. 

The Fuel For Life team will be happy to help you with any further questions you may have. You can reach us at:

In which languages do you offer Fuel For Life Experiences?

English is spoken on Follow The Trails. The team at Enduropark Hechlingen will be available to answer any queries in German. Please also contact Enduropark Hechlingen for further information about the languages spoken by tour guides.

When will new dates be published?

We are constantly working to expand our range of Fuel For Life experiences for you. Consequently, we recommend you check regularly to discover new offers and more dates.

Can I put myself on the waiting list for an already fully booked tour?

You can still enquire about the desired travel dates via our contact form and our partner will let you know if you can be put on a waiting list or offer you possible alternatives.

Can certain requirements with regard to catering, allergies, etc. be taken into account?

Yes, of course. Simply include specifics in the contact form. 

Which physical or athletic demands must I meet?

Please note that our Follow The Trails offers are off-road-focussed adventure tours through remote areas and you should be able to handle the motorbike very well off the road. The exact requirements have also been listed in the booking details. If you require further information or are unsure, the operating partner will be happy to advise you.

Can I participate with my own motorcycle?

Unfortunately not, but it gets better: a BMW R 1250 GS will be made available to you for the entire journey. 

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Organising partner

Follow The Trails Mongolia is organised by BMW Motorrad partner Enduropark Hechlingen

Enduro enthusiasts will find everything they need at Hechlingen Enduro Park: Enduro training and trips for beginners, advanced riders and professionals.

The team is the definite port of call for any off-road adventures and therefore the ideal partner to take you through rough terrain in Mongolia and offer you the adventure tour of your life. 

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