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The experience is fully booked
The experience is fully booked
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No contract is concluded between you and BMW. BMW assumes no responsibility or liability for the content of third-party websites.
No contract is concluded between you and BMW. BMW assumes no responsibility or liability for the content of third-party websites.

Experience pure adventure

Set off on an 8-day tour through Namibia
If you want to feel adrenaline in your veins and are in the mood for a real adventure, then the Follow The Trails tours of the Int. GS Trophy 2024 Namibia are just what you need! Here, you can put your motorcycling skills to the test and prove yourself in the challenging terrain of Namibia. The routes are a real secret, but one thing’s certain: things will get wild and challenging! Unforgettable trails await you, through gorges, riverbeds and a breathtaking, varied landscape that will fascinate any motorcyclist.

This is what is waiting for you

Ready for the ultimate off-road adventure?

Explore Namibia on the trail of the Int. GS Trophy. Experience unforgettable moments in a wild and varied landscape. From gorges to riverbeds and endless sand dunes – as an adventurous motorcyclist, you’ll totally get your money’s worth here. But Namibia also has plenty to offer nature lovers, too: discover wild animals along the route from the steppe to the desert. Experience an adventure you’ll never forget!

On the trail of the Int. GS Trophy 2024

On the Follow The Trails Namibia motorcycling trip, you’ll collect unforgettable experiences! The tour is full of highlights. You’ll be accompanied by experienced BMW Motorrad off-road instructors. An accompanying vehicle is available to you that provides technical support and luggage transport, so you can fully concentrate on your adventure.

Your adventure is completely organised

You want to focus entirely on motorcycling and not take care of anything else? Then you’re in the right place, because here your adventure is completely organised! A medical team ensures your safety at all times, and after a long day on the motorcycle you can rest in high-quality lodges. Three meals a day and the petrol for your bike are also included. The tour starts and ends at the local airport, where you’ll be picked up and brought back to by our partner.

This tour will be a unique experience on the brand-new BMW GS Trophy bike.


Christoph Zimmermann

IIA Instructor // GS Trophy Marshal, Enduropark Andalusia GmbH

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Simply use the contact form to send us your enquiry. To do this, use the ‘Send request now’ button and enter your contact details. 

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Who is the organising partner?

The service is organised by our partner Enduropark Andalusia GmbH. Our partner organises the experience independently and offers it to the participants in its own name. All the information relating to this offer, including pricing, was provided by the FUEL FOR LIFE partner.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

The team working for our partner Enduropark Andalusia would be happy to assist with any questions you may have about the tour. You can reach our partner at the following email address:

All the FUEL FOR LIFE team would also be happy to help you at any time. You can email us at the following address:

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Organising partner

Enduropark Andalusia, official partner of BMW Motorrad and organiser of the International GS Trophy 2024 in Namibia, offers numerous off-road programmes.

The off-road training centre is located near Málaga in southern Spain and boasts ideal weather conditions for off-road tours in Europe in the winter season.

Many of the instructors can draw on extensive experience in off-road training and riding – some of them as marshals at past GS Trophy events in places such as Albania, New Zealand and Mongolia.

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