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Motorcycle Rental in Avesta with Rent A Ride

Even today, the former industrial activities of Avesta can still be seen from its past of metal production and finishing. Smaller companies focusing on metal finishing are currently also still established in the former industrial landscape of Koppardalen, the Copper Valley. If you look keep your eyes wide open when sightseeing in the town, you will soon notice that many of the sculptures in the town also reflect it’s close relationship with the craft. A prime example of this is the Wisent sculpture made of stainless steel in the town’s centre. A 13-metre-high Dalecarlian horse is located just outside the town’s centre, which you can reach with your BMW motorcycle.

In addition to the sculptures, the old factory halls in particular, some of which are now open to visitors as museums, are worth visiting. On your way to these, you will ride through typical Swedish worker settlements, which are characterised by the distinctive Falu red wooden houses. Some of the houses are 400 years old. It’s worth stopping once in a while on your trip to admire the typical Swedish architecture.

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Motorcycle Rental – Explore Avesta and Dalarna

When you leave Avesta on your BMW motorcycle, many small villages and towns to ride through await you. If you also want to get a taste of some Swedish big city air, you can head to Stockholm. The capital of Sweden can be reached within two hours. The ride will take you through the lush, green nature of the region with its fragrant conifers and fascinating fjords. In Stockholm, the Vasa Museum and the Fotografiska, a museum for contemporary photography and, of course, the ABBA Museum, invite you to visit them. But not only the museums are worth visiting, but also the Royal Palace and the old town of Gamla Stan.

After your visit to Stockholm, you may want to set off again for a motorcycle tour through Dalarna. The region where Avesta is located is in the centre of Sweden and is regarded as particularly rich in tradition and diversity. There is a lot to do in Dalarna, especially in terms of the landscape. Natural lakes invite you to fish and walk, while sweeping mountains provide winding rides with expansive views. In the region’s forests, you can relax and gather strength in nature to once again enjoy the cultural highlights of Avesta.

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Motorcycle Rental in Avesta – Rent A Ride

Avesta is located in the diverse Dalarna region, in the centre of Sweden. Here you will encounter many things that are typically Swedish, and on your motorcycling tours you will ride along deserted roads with living nature. Rent your BMW motorcycle now from our Rent A Ride rental partner and discover Avesta!

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