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Hire a motorbike in Bologna with Rent A Ride

Culture by day, party by night: Bologna’s narrow streets, lined with medieval and Renaissance buildings, are replete with Italy’s historic charm. When visiting one of the city’s many marketplaces, you can enjoy cappuccino and specialities from the region of Emilia Romagna while immersing yourself in the feeling of Italian life. Here, life happens outside in the evening, too: by day, people sit leisurely sipping their coffees, while by night, the little wine bars lining the university city’s streets fill with people having a good time enjoying the typical Italian flair. Once night turns back to day, the city transforms itself into a cultural centre again, with its numerous museums and monuments.

Sightseeing on your motorbike gives you a unique perspective as you take in the city centre’s many attractions. For fans of modern art, no visit would be complete without checking out the MAMbo – the Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna. Bologna is also a dream destination for motorsport enthusiasts: the region is home to museums and plants run by renowned motorbike manufacturers and is a fantastic area for biking.

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Objev Bologna na motorce

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Hire a motorbike – discover Bologna and all of Emilia Romagna

Within Bologna, the real appeal to bikers is the city’s narrow, curvy roads. One great choice to go sightseeing there is a scooter from the BMW C 400 family. With this sporty scooter, you can wind past heavy traffic, and you’ll be sure to find a place to park at the busy hotspots.  If you leave the city centre and head out into the countryside, you’ll cruise along hilly country roads, discovering idyllic villages with restaurants replete with local delicacies and where you’ll cross paths with many locals.  The landscape around Bologna is dominated by the Apennine Mountains: here, patches of forest alternate with hills and rivers, while nature paints the scenery in lush green and blue motifs worthy of a postcard. Riding your motorbike, your freedom will know no bounds, and you’ll get to discover Northern Italian landscapes and even head to the sea.

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Motorbikes for hire in Bologna – Rent A Ride

Have a pure Italy - this is why you can expect in the University of Bologna in any case! Whether you prefer to wind around down narrow streets or explore nature outside the city – with a BMW motorbike of your choosing, you’ll be flexible and get to spend your holiday however you want! Select the dates that suit you and hire your motorbike in Bologna with Rent A Ride!

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