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Rent a motorcycle in Bolzano with Rent A Ride

South Tyrol is heaven for motorcyclists. From where else could you best explore this magical alpine region than from its capital, Bolzano? Experience the unique mountain passes of the Dolomites on your BMW motorbike. Our Rent A Ride rental partner is in Bolzano itself, and will equip you with your dream motorcycle. 

Take a trip through the Alps’ most beautiful serpentines and reward yourself with a typical South Tyrolean snack: these should include aromatic smoked bacon, full-flavoured Alpine cheese and Vinschgerl speciality flatbread. The Jausenbrettl serving board is not just an autumnal tradition from the grape harvest, but a treat all year round that you simply shouldn’t miss. Wherever your tour from Bolzona takes you: the entire region is well worth seeing and, above all, an absolute delight on a motorbike. 

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Objev Bolzano na motorce

Tvoje vyhledávání nepřineslo žádné výsledky v místě ani v okruhu vyhledávání. Zkus vyhledat prodejce v jiné lokalitě nebo zemi.

Hire a motorcycle: explore Bolzano and South Tyrol

Rent your dream bike from our Rent A Ride rental partner in Bolzano and explore South Tyrol in the best possible way: on your motorbike. You’ll be captivated by the romantic charm of Bolzano and its magnificent historical buildings, such as the Rathaus City Hall and the late Gothic cathedral. Not far from the city are the Maretsch and Runkelstein Castles, and numerous other fortresses and castles, which are wonderful destinations for your motorcycling tour. You can experience the mountains in a whole new way at the Messner Mountain Museum: the famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner founded this innovative museum project, which covers six exhibition sites in South Tyrol. The museum’s headquarters are in Sigmundskron Castle in south Bolzona. Bolzano’s fruit market is popular with both locals and tourists: here, in the heart of the city, you’ll find the region’s best fresh produce. The famous South Tyrolean apples, in particular, are an unmissable treat for the taste buds. 

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Motorbikes for hire in Bolzano

In Bolzano, it’s well worth hiring a BMW motorcycle, whether for exploring the city itself, or the mountainous surroundings. There’s a great deal to see in South Tyrol: the gorgeous Caldaro on the lake of the same name and the Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park are just a stone’s throw from Bolzano and are unforgettable destinations. But for motorcycle fans, one thing is clear: the winding roads of South Tyrol alone are worth the journey! See for yourself - on your BMW motorbike.

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