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Experience Bordeaux – with BMW Motorcycle Rental

Bordeaux is not just for wine lovers! You can spend a fantastic holiday in this harbour city in south western France – especially on a motorcycle. 45 kilometres from the Atlantic coast, Bordeaux nestles between lush hills speckled with grapevines, the river Garonne and winding roads. You can ride a motorcycle like there is no tomorrow here.

Cruise through the city on your dream motorcycle from BMW: you have to see the Place de la Bourse. This square at the heart of the city is dominated by a gigantic water basin that reflects the surrounding classical buildings and provides unparalleled holiday snaps. The city of Bordeaux is world famous for its red wine of the same name, but it has more to offer in terms of cuisine: the local delicacy you just have to try is the Entrecôte à la Bordelaise. This tender beef steak is grilled over vine shoot embers, served with red wine sauce, giving it its special taste and making your biker’s heart skip a beat after an extended tour.

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Objev Bordeaux na motorce

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Motorcycling Tours In and Around Bordeaux

The Bordeaux region is a popular destination for passionate bikers. Vineyards, picturesque villages and, above all, winding roads attract motorcycling fans from all over the world. Want to experience nature? Then follow the river Garonne to Le Verdon-sur-Mer, where it flows into the sea together with the river Dordogne. The mouth of the river is considered the largest in Europe. Another superlative is also just a short distance from Bordeaux: at Arcachon Bay, you can climb the highest sand dune in Europe – Dune du Pilat, standing at 106 metres tall with a length of 2.7 kilometres.

If you want to go on a longer tour, you should definitely head to Lascaux. The cave there is known for its stone age cave paintings, which are estimated to be around 17,000 years old. History becomes an experience on your BMW!

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Rent A Ride – Rent a Motorcycle in Bordeaux

Rent your dream motorcycle now from your BMW Motorrad rental partner in Bordeaux and experience the French flair of the city and its surroundings!

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