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Rent a motorcycle in Brescia with Rent A Ride

Experience the past 2000 years in cultural monuments: in Brescia, this is possible! On a round trip through the city, you can marvel at numerous ancient structures and historical monuments, such as the Cathedral Square, the Capitoline Temple and Brescia Castle. But one special highlight is on the outskirts of the city: here you’ll find the monastic complex of San Salvatore. Today, this former monastery is a museum containing a wealth of architectural diversity from different eras, from Roman times to the Renaissance. In addition to its countless art treasures, this provincial capital in Lombardy is also enticingly close to Lake Garda. This stunning lake is just under 20 miles away and offers impressive vistas of the Alps as well as many culinary and cultural delights. Here, you can enjoy pizza and pasta, dive into the clear, cool waters of the lake, and watch the sun setting behind the mountains. Lake Garda or the west of Brescia: on your BMW motorcycle, you’re flexible and can find your favourite spot in Lombardy.

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Objev Brescia na motorce

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Hire a motorcycle: experience Brescia and Lake Garda

While the historical city of Brescia is ideal for exploring on a scooter from the BMW C 400 series, the surrounding landscape invites you to more extensive motorcycling tours on a model from the Adventure family. On your BMW motorcycle, you can master the demanding terrain and give the sharp bends all you’ve got. Take a trip around Lake Garda and marvel at the gentle rolling hills of the south or the winding roads north of the lake. Whatever you decide, you should take the route right along the western side of the lake and enjoy spectacular views of Lago di Garda and its countless attractions. When you’ve had enough of Lake Garda, head north-west where smaller lakes and endless bends are waiting for you. Whether you explore the city, ride around the lively Lake Garda and environs or head off on a tour of the lakes in the west: on your BMW motorcycle or scooter, you can soak up the atmosphere of northern Italy to the full.

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Motorbikes for hire in Brescia – Rent A Ride

Art, culture and fascinating countryside: Brescia is the perfect location for experiencing all this. On a BMW motorcycle, you can organise your holiday in Brescia entirely as you please, and enjoy motorcycling tours. Rent your BMW motorcycle from Rent A Ride now and discover Brescia!

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