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Rent a motorcycle in Eindhoven

Eindhoven – this Dutch city is well-known among football fans, because it’s the home of PSV Eindhoven, one of the country’s best clubs. But away from the stadium, Eindhoven is well worth a visit in any case, especially on a motorbike. 

The city of Eindhoven in the province of North Brabant is considered the heartland of design and innovation. As well as numerous magnificent historical buildings, you can marvel at unusual modern architectural works of art, such as The Blob and the Evoluon. It’s no wonder that Dutch Design Week – northern Europe’s biggest design event – is held in this city. Allow Eindhoven’s charm to work on you as you take a journey of discovery on your dream motorbike from BMW. All around Eindhoven, numerous routes past rolling green meadows, picturesque canals and quaint villages are waiting for you to discover them. 

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Objev Eindhoven na motorce

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Hire a motorcycle – explore Eindhoven and Kempen

The Kempen forests is the name given to the sweeping heather moorland that stretches all the way from the Belgian provinces of Limburg and Antwerp to North Brabant in the Netherlands. Eindhoven lies in the heart of this landscape and therefore offers the ideal starting point for motorcycling tours through this idyllic region. Here, take a step back from everyday life and cruise through the rich greenness of the many avenues. From Eindhoven, it’s only a stone’s throw to Tilburg or the Maasplassen lakes. These are both popular destinations for nature fans and recreational sports enthusiasts. Lovers of water sports are especially well catered for: from stand-up paddleboarding to wakeboarding, everything is available here. You can hire the necessary equipment from many places next to the Maasplassen lakes, so there’s nothing to stop you from travelling by motorbike. Enjoy a relaxing and active holiday in the Netherlands – your dream motorcycle from BMW is waiting! 


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Motorbikes for hire in Eindhoven – Rent A Ride

Eindhoven is the perfect travel destination for your motorcycling holiday. On your biking tour, with the rolling moors of the Kempen forests and the Maasplassen lakes as your backdrop, relaxation and motorcycling fun are guaranteed. Rent the motorcycle of your choice now from our BMW Motorrad rental partner and experience a relaxing holiday in the Netherlands.

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