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Rent a motorcycle in Genoa with Rent A Ride

Genoa is a picturesque city on the Ligurian coast in northern Italy and is a wonderful base for an extended motorcycling holiday between the Mediterranean and the Alps. The Apennine Mountains jut upwards just behind the historical city and entice bikers from all over the world with their winding roads and magical panorama. Genoa itself is full of life and variety. Here, you can experience “Bella Italia” in all its unadulterated uniqueness. The old town of Genoa, adorned with splendid patrician houses and a wealth of magnificent historical buildings, is especially worth a visit. Experience all the beauty of the Mediterranean coast on a motorcycling tour to nearby Massa, or take a trip to Lombardy. Your dream bike from BMW is waiting for you.

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Objev Genova na motorce

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Hire a motorcycle − discover Genoa and Liguria

Our BMW rental partner is based in the north of the city, and is therefore an ideal starting point for tours inland from the coast. The Antola Natural Regional Park is within easy reach from here, and well worth a visit. At the park you can enjoy unforgettable views of the Ligurian coast and, in good visibility, you can gaze all the way out to the island of Corsica. The mountainous terrain surrounding Genoa, with its winding roads, offers pure motorcycling joy. 

But there’s a great deal to see in the city, too: the port of Genoa is the largest seaport in Italy and the home port for numerous cruise ships. Not far away is the Acquario di Genova, one of the largest seawater aquariums in Europe. The picturesque old town invites you to take a leisurely stroll: sup a genuine Italian espresso or visit one of the city’s many historical buildings. But above all, enjoy a holiday on your dream motorcycle. 

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Motorbikes for hire in Genoa

Thanks to its unique location between the coast and the mountains, Genoa is an ideal travel destination for all biking enthusiasts. The choice of possible day trips from here is huge and diverse. The roads of Liguria are calling – answer them on a BMW bike from Rent A Ride!

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