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Rent a motorcycle in Hamburg with Rent A Ride

Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany and a tourist magnet. However, a trip to this Hanseatic City doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in an overcrowded sightseeing bus – there’s a better way to explore Hamburg: on a BMW motorcycle or scooter. Your Rent A Ride rental partner in Hamburg is the perfect starting point for getting to know the city and its surroundings. 

Just one thing before you go: there’s so much to see here that you should allow yourself at least three days. The city’s most popular attractions include the Rathaus, or City Hall, the Michel, or Saint Michael’s Church, the Fish Market and, of course, the Elbphilharmonie concert hall. The unique Speicherstadt, or warehouse district, is built on an island and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015. Rent yourself a bike and cruise through the city to the Port of Hamburg. On your tour, you’ll see why Hamburg is known as the “Florence on the Elbe” – the city is one of the most beautiful in Germany. 

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Objev Hamburg na motorce

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Hire a motorcycle – explore Hamburg and surroundings

Once you’ve explored the heart of the Hanseatic City, the countryside around Hamburg is waiting: ride south-east through the beautiful valley along the Elbe river, or follow it north-west, where it flows into the North Sea. Here you’ll find the town of Cuxhaven, with its UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea Visitor Centre, which is a real experience. Bremerhaven is also worth a trip. Besides the German Maritime Museum, attractions include the Klimahaus interactive meteorological centre and the German Emigration Centre. Immediately south of Hamburg lies Lüneburg Heath, a diverse cultural landscape that is a feast for the senses particularly in August and September, when the heather is in bloom. Müritz Lake in Mecklemburg-Vorpommern is yet another day trip destination for your motorbike, which can be perfectly combined with your holiday in Hamburg. A small detour to the state capital, Schwerin, is an excellent idea on the way. Schwerin Castle is nicknamed for one of Germany’s most spectacular castles and is known as the “Neuschwanstein of the North”. But the landscape alone, on your motorcycle, is an attraction in its own right. 

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Motorbikes for hire in Hamburg – Rent A Ride

Northern Germany is a dream for motorcycles and Hamburg is its beating heart. There’s no better starting point for motorcycling tours through the north of Germany. The metropolis of Hamburg itself already offers the promise of a wonderful journey. But if you explore its surroundings on your BMW motorbike or scooter as well, your trip won’t just be wonderful, it’ll be unforgettable!

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