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Rent a motorcycle in Milan with Rent A Ride

Milan is not only Italy’s second largest city and the capital of Lombardy, but, above all, it is an overwhelming cultural experience and a synonym for fully fledged “dolce vita”!

From the Gothic Cathedral to Milan’s famous Scala and Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” - you will never stop being amazed in Milan! It’s best to take two full days to get the most out of the city’s rich culture and atmosphere. Enjoy a genuine Italian espresso or cappuccino against the backdrop of the historic cityscape. Dive into the nightlife in the Navigli district, where you’ll find bars, restaurants, artists’ studios and quirky shops. Whether you visit the clubs around the Naviglio Grande and the Naviglio Pavese or simply relax with a cool drink along the canal banks and take in the atmosphere: Milan at night is an incomparable experience!

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Objev Milan na motorce

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Motorcycle Rental: Discover Milan and Northern Italy

Isn't it a dream to cruise through the gentle hills of Lombardy with good friends on your motorbikes, resting between vineyards and cosy villages, and leaving everyday life behind you? Make your dream come true! The roads around Milan are waiting for you to discover them.

How about a trip to Lake Como? Or Monza, the venue of the Italian Grand Prix, just 14 kilometres from Milan? With its mild climate, winding roads and relaxed Italian flair, Lombardy offers everything a biker’s heart desires and Milan is the ideal starting point for your experience. What are you waiting for? 

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Rent A Ride – Motorcycle Rental in Milan

Helmet on, engine on, everyday life off. Your BMW dream bike is already waiting for you at our rental partner in Milan! Simply book online here and experience Italy.

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