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Rent a motorcycle in Rennes with Rent A Ride

Fascinating history, bright colours and intense aromas: in the French city of Rennes, hospitality and a genial welcome are the order of the day! Between the charming half-timbered houses and Renaissance-style buildings, many steps criss-cross the old town, through whose streets you can take a stroll in the bright sunshine. Here, little dwellings and imposing squares tell their own unique history, while the many street cafés and bistros radiate the charm of the present day and invite you to take a break for croissants or a tasty cheese platter. Where cuisine is concerned, Rennes has a great deal to offer – indeed, this is where France’s second-largest food market is held.

The city of Rennes lies in hilly Brittany. This region, shrouded in myths, was once home to the Gauls and was referred to as finis terrae – the end of the world – by the Romans after the conquest. And in actual fact, when you ride your motorbike from Rennes to the coast and gaze out at the limitless expanse of rough sea, it’s not so hard to believe that you’re at the world’s end!

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Objev Rennes na motorce

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Hire a motorcycle: explore Rennes and the Breton coast

From Rennes, the sea is just a one-hour jaunt away on a motorbike. The Breton coast is wild, and rugged cliffs testify to the incessant flow of ebb and flood, to the force with which the waves of the Atlantic crash onto the stones. Travel further west and you’ll come to the Pink Granite Coast – a section of coast with bizarre cliff formations of pink granite. The further west the coast roads take you, the rougher the sea becomes.

On your way to the sea and along the coast, the prevailing impression is one of contrast, which is omnipresent in Brittany. Due to the enormous tidal range, a particular place can look completely different within a single day. Away from the coast, as well, the landscape shows a striking diversity. Here, barren swathes of land alternate with areas of palms that hint of the tropics. Wherever you head to from Rennes, you can expect to find hilly landscapes with winding roads that you can enjoy to the full on your BMW motorcycle.

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Motorbikes for hire in Rennes – Rent A Ride

Situated on the fascinating peninsular of Brittany, Rennes is the ideal location for experiencing both French culture and impressive nature, which can be found everywhere. Rent your BMW motorcycle from a Rent A Ride rental partner now and discover Rennes!

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