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Rent a motorcycle in Riga with Rent A Ride

Riga, the captivating capital of Latvia, offers an exciting mixture of historical charm and modern flair. Riga is known for its architecture, art and culture, and is also an amazing destination for bikers. With your BMW Motorrad, you can explore the city and its surrounding area in a unique way.

The Daugava River flows through Riga and offers a picturesque backdrop when riding along the promenade. In the summer, the parks such as the Bastejkalns and the Vermanes Garden bloom into green oases, while the Old Town is home to impressive medieval buildings. You can visit architectural highlights, such as the House of the Blackheads and the cathedral, at your leisure on your BMW Motorrad. The well developed road network surrounding Riga is also the perfect venue for extended motorcycle tours. As such, you can explore the surrounding area under your own steam and let yourself be inspired by the breathtaking Latvian landscape. On the way, you will see nature at its most beautiful, from the Baltic coast up to the picturesque national parks with their lush forests.

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Objev Riga na motorce

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Rent a motorcycle − discover Riga and national parks

If you are on a motorcycle tour in Riga, the valley of the Gauja national park is an absolute must-see. The nature reserve covers the area along the picturesque Gauja river valley and is home to spectacular landscapes. On your motorcycle, you will find as much joy in the natural beauty as you will in the park’s roads, which will get your biker heart racing. Exciting curves and challenging trails run through the tranquil natural setting and offer diverse tours of the region, which is also seen as a Latvian Switzerland.

The picturesque villages with cosy pubs and the countless viewpoints you will pass along the way offer the perfect opportunity for taking a break on your motorcycle tour. Sights such as the Turaida Castle and other historical buildings that sit alongside untouched nature in the small villages allow you to experience the cultural highlights of the region. If you’re still looking for more cultural experiences after that, you can ride your BMW Motorrad back into the city. More specifically to the Albert Quarter with its many Art Nouveau buildings that feature impressive decorations.

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Motorcycle rental in Riga – Rent A Ride

Riga is a paradise for bikers, as the city and its surrounding area offer the perfect combination of exciting country roads, diverse natural beauty, and cultural treasures. With your BMW Motorrad, you can move effortlessly between the lively Old Town and the natural splendour of the Gauja national park valley. Rent your dream bike now from your BMW Motorrad dealer in Riga and experience the capital of Latvia for yourself.

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