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Rent a motorcycle in Rimini with Rent A Ride

Rimini is one of the world’s best-known bathing spots. So don’t miss out on extended visits to the beach during your stay in the city. Rimini’s old town is about one and a half miles from the Adriatic Coast. With a BMW motorcycle or scooter, you’ll get to the city’s most beautiful beaches quickly and easily. As well as bathing fun, Rimini also has an impressive city centre that’s also well worth a visit. In the city’s beautiful harbour, white fishing vessels are dotted upon the dazzling blue water. The Ponte D'Augusto (Bridge of Augustus) is another highlight: a Roman, marble-clad stone bridge with five impressive round arches. On this historical bridge, you can cross the Marecchia river on foot and, from there, walk to the sea. 

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Objev Rimini na motorce

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Explore Rimini and the Marecchia valley on a BMW motorcycle

If you follow the Marecchia river not towards the sea, but inland, you’ll be greeted by the magical landscape of the Marecchia valley. On a BMW motorcycle, your tour through the green, mountain-lined valley will be an unforgettable experience. As well as breathtaking nature in all its glory, the valley offers a handful of majestic castles, such as the Fortress of San Leo. These fortifications are perched on the Mons Feretri mountain, 600 metres above the picturesque village of San Leo from which it takes its name. On clear days, from here you can see almost the entire Montefeltro region, and even all the way to the sea!

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Motorbikes for hire in Rimini – Rent A Ride

Rimini has been a popular bathing resort for centuries – and with good reason! Here, historical buildings and priceless culture combine with the wonderful scenery of the Adriatic Coast. On a scooter from BMW Motorrad, take a relaxing ride through the city’s narrow streets and find your ideal bathing spot. If you head inland, your ideal companion could be an Adventure Bike from BMW, for example. Rent your dream motorcycle from BMW now!

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