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Rent a motorcycle in Taranto with Rent A Ride

The city of Taranto is in the southern region of Puglia. Taranto is also known as the “City of the Two Seas”, because most of the city lies on the island of Isola del Borgo Antico. This separates the Mediterranean from the lagoon – the Mar Piccolo, or Little Sea. You can even cross this little strait on your BMW motorcycle: across the 1,909-metre-long bridge, Ponte Punta Penna Pizzone, which rises 45 metres above sea level. 

In Taranto you’ll find a beautiful, historical old town. Here, the ruins of a Doric temple bear witness to the city’s Greek past. Your motorbike is also a very easy way to visit this town’s other attractions. The castle Castelllo Aragonese, the Church of San Cataldo and the National Archaeological Museum are all well worth a visit. The 140-square-metre ceramic plaque on the beach promenade, depicting the origins of Taranto and the Greek settlement of the city, is an absolute must-see. 

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Objev Taranto na motorce

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Motorbikes for hire – explore Taranto and Puglia

Your BMW Motorrad rental partner in Taranto is the perfect starting point for exploring the heel of Italy. If you travel east from Taranto, you’ll arrive in Lecco. This city and its environs are known for the soft tuff stone – Pietra Leccese – which is quarried there. The stone formations on the nearby Torre Sant'Andrea are particularly impressive. On this stretch of coast, the white cliffs jut straight into the crystal-clear ocean, which invites you to take a dip. On your BMW motorcycle, you can reach this nature paradise from Taranto in about two hours. 

If you’re tempted to ride further south, you can take a tour on your bike to the town of Santa Maria di Leuca. This lies on the southernmost tip of Italy’s heel and a key landmark is the 102-metre high lighthouse built in 1864, which is also made from the pale stone typical of the region. On your dream bike from BMW Motorrad, you can discover the beauty of southern Italy entirely at your own pace. 

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Motorbikes for hire in Taranto – Rent A Ride

Experience the summer of your life! On your BMW motorcycle, you’ll discover remote corners, quiet coast roads and secluded dream beaches. Find your favourite bike now from your Rent A Ride rental partner in Taranto.

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