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Rent a motorcycle in Toulon with Rent A Ride

Salty sea air, colourful streets and a lively atmosphere: Toulon has all this and more. This small city on the Côte d’Azur is brimming with French lifestyle and cultural diversity, while charming cafés and bakeries invite you to linger. On your BMW motorcycle, wend your way through the narrow alleys and busy streets, past statues and shops. If you travel along the coast, you’ll discover little fishing harbours and the home port of the French navy. As a port city, Toulon also has culinary delights in store. After a day of fun riding your motorbike, you can enjoy fresh fish in one of the many restaurants with a sea view.

During the day, you’ll discover the cultural highlights not just of the city, but of the surrounding area, too. The coastal region around Toulon was already inhabited in the Palaeolithic Age and is well worth seeing for that reason alone. On your motorbike, you can reach sights of interest outside the city very easily as well. Here, using your motorcycle to get around, the real magic awaits when you realise it’s about the journey, not the destination!

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Objev Toulon na motorce

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Hire a motorcycle – explore Toulon and the Côte d’Azur

The landscape in and around Toulon is mind-blowing: look out to sea, where the sky and the vast sea merge into one another on the horizon, while soft waves break upon the shore. Or gaze inland at a joyous vista of hills and mountains that fill you with elation as you climb onto the saddle. Your path leads you to Mont Faron, Toulon’s local mountain, the peak of which is reached by a narrow, winding road. Atop this mountain, you have a view of the whole city and can admire Toulon from above. 

Next to the Faron you’ll find many more hills and mountains around Toulon, known collectively as the Mounts of Toulon. This mountain range of limestone and slate stretches over 12.5 miles, and its many winding roads are the perfect opportunity for expansive motorcycling tours. After a day on the road, why not cool off in the Mediterranean Sea? The Plages du Mourillon are beaches where you can get your fill of sunshine and take a dip in the sea to your heart’s content. 

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Motorbikes for hire in Toulon – Rent A Ride

Mountains and sea – these natural sources of inspiration surround Toulon and are the perfect place for you to enjoy a motorcycling jaunt or two. Rent your BMW motorcycle from our Rent A Ride rental partner now, and discover Toulon!

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