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Rent a motorcycle in Toulouse with Rent A Ride

Situated in the heart of south-west France, Toulouse is the capital of the region of Occitania. Its proximity to the Spanish border and the Mediterranean Sea make the region a dream destination for tourists, and the city is also ideal for motorcyclists. The city offers a great deal of variety: the streets of Toulouse testify to two thousand years of history and are home to architecture from different eras. The numerous buildings of red-pink bricks also lend the city its colourful character, which is why it’s also known as the La Ville Rose – the Pink City. 

The buildings immerse the entire city in a warm light that radiates a soft pink and orange as you roam the streets on your motorcycle. In Toulouse, countless architectural highlights line the streets and combine to form a stunning overall picture: Romanesque basilicas, imposing portals and graceful city palaces are interspersed with modern buildings and centres with an industrial look. On a jaunt right across Toulouse, you can marvel at the city’s diversity and get to know its various districts.

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Objev Toulouse na motorce

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Hire a motorcycle – explore Toulouse and Occitania

As the most stylish city in France, Toulouse has a fascinating cultural heritage. The beautiful old town is home to many attractions that you can ride to on your motorbike. The Capitole is an absolute must for your visit. This building on the large Place du Capitole houses the city hall, a theatre and many magnificent halls, which are not to be missed. After your sightseeing tour, regain your strength with one of the city’s culinary specialities: the Saucisse de Toulouse sausage is made in Toulouse, and that’s also the only place where it is available. 

Is the city too tumultuous for you? With your hired motorcycle, you can escape the urban environment and explore the region of Occitania. Toulouse is the perfect location for travelling around the entire region, with its villages, castles and bridges. Here you can ride past fragrant vineyards, view the fortified city of Carcassonne or ascend the winding roads of the Pyrenees. 

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Motorbikes for hire in Toulouse – Rent A Ride

Historical buildings, charming streets and impressive countryside – your motorcycling tour of Occitania begins in the metropolis of Toulouse. This region with its rich cultural and natural heritage is perfect for exploring on a motorbike. Rent your BMW motorcycle now and experience Toulouse.

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