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Rent a motorcycle in Valence with Rent A Ride

Valence is the doorway to a real jewel for those travelling on a motorbike: as the capital of the French department of Drôme, the city is the northern gateway to Provence in the South of France. In Valence itself, you can expect an inviting atmosphere with numerous cafés, wide open squares and historically significant art. The city’s long history is evident from buildings such as the Cathedral of Saint-Apollinaire. The various parts of this restored 11th century episcopal church represent different style periods, from the Middle Ages to Romanticism. 

Valence is situated on the left bank of the Rhône and, in addition to its fascinating architecture, offers a wealth of green spaces and canals in welcome contrast to the built-up streets. The port of Valence is also well worth a visit – after all, it’s the largest river port for yachts in France. After immersing yourself in the city’s art and culture, fortify yourself with a Suisse de Valence, or “Swiss”, a speciality shortbread flavoured with orange peel and orange blossom. 

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Objev Valence na motorce

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Hire a motorcycle – explore Valence and Provence

You can visit sights of interest in Valence, but the surrounding area is the absolute highlight for motorcycle fans. To the south is Provence, with its countless fragrant fields of lavender, to the west is Ardèche, where you’ll find many unspoiled swathes of countryside, while to the east you can make the most of the twists and turns of the Maritime Alps. The passes in these Alps are absolute dream roads for all those who relish leaning into bends.

In Drôme itself you can expect captivating vistas of diverse landscapes, the like of which you’re unlikely to see elsewhere. Enjoy the fresh air of sparsely populated areas while you ride along the winding country roads on your dream bike from BMW Motorrad. The mountain ranges towards the south lead you to wine regions, inviting you to take a regional speciality home with you. Here, winemakers also offer tours of the vineyards and give you an insight into the origin of some famous French wines. 

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Motorbikes for hire in Valence – Rent A Ride

Winding roads, towering crags, unusual vistas – soak up the art and culture in Valence, while also exploring the surrounding countryside on your BMW motorcycle. Rent your BMW motorcycle with Rent A Ride now and discover Valence.

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