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Rent a motorcycle in Verona with Rent A Ride

Romance is key in Verona: the metropolis in northern Italy is the setting for perhaps the most famous love story in the world, and during your visit you will be able to see for yourself what might have inspired Shakespeare. As you ride your BMW Motorrad motorcycle through the alleyways and streets of the city, you’ll be following in the footsteps of Romeo and Juliet. Verona's charming squares and courtyards are bathed in warm light and invite you to linger and indulge in an espresso.

After having got your first glimpse on your tour of the city, you head off to see Verona's sights. Historic buildings and monuments bear testimony to the city's history and the different cultures that have shaped the cityscape over the past 2,000 years. Verona was once a true centre of politics and business, and to this day buildings, such as the Roman amphitheatre, are well preserved and form an integral part of the cultural metropolis as a venue for cultural events.

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Objev Verona na motorce

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Motorcycle Rental – Explore Verona and the Mountains of Veneto

As a city in the Veneto region, Verona is the ideal place to rent your motorcycle and head off on motorcycle tours across the region from there. From Verona, you can ride your BMW Motorrad dream bike into the adventurous landscape of the Dolomites. Bends, hairpins and passes in abundance, you will genuinely get your money's worth here as a motorcycling fan. The Venetian foothills are also a feast for the eyes with their lush vegetation and clear mountain lakes. In the fresh air and with a clear head, you can ride your bike to the peaks and enjoy Italy’s authentic lifestyle in small villages.

You could alternatively head along idyllic country roads from Verona towards the seemingly endless Adriatic coast with its countless lagoons. Riding along these coastal roads, you breathe salty sea air and enjoy breaks from your motorcycling tour in small fishing harbours, offering a great opportunity to eat fresh seafood.

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Motorcycle Rental in Verona – Rent A Ride

This is the place to go for a landscape dominated by "mare e monti". Starting your motorcycling tours from Verona, you will be able to enjoy captivating views of Italy's diverse nature. This northern Italian metropolis offers cultural highlights as well as perfect routes for exciting tours to the surrounding area. Rent your BMW Motorrad with Rent A Ride now and discover Verona.

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