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Rent a motorcycle in Vienna with Rent A Ride

The Austrian capital Vienna impresses with its beautifully situated location – it borders on the edge of the Alps in the west and on the banks of the river Danube in the east. The city’s architecture also invites visitors to sojourn. From the motorcycle, you enjoy an ideal view of the city’s Gründerzeit as well as elegant Baroque and Art Nouveau-style architecture. The historic centre of Vienna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, inviting you to take a relaxing stroll through the city at any time of year. Numerous museums such as Mozarthaus, Naturhistorisches Museum or the Sigmund Freud Museum make Vienna an ideal destination for friends of history and the arts. Visit one of the countless traditional Vienna coffee houses or Naschmarkt – the city’s largest market – to refuel your body.

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Objev Vienna na motorce

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Motorcycle Rental: Explore Vienna and the Alpine Foothills

If you want to enjoy Austria beyond its capital, the landscape around Vienna offers you the variety you need. Meandering serpentine roads lead you into the Alps. Here you can treat yourself to a rustic snack at a mountain cabin, such as Wiener Hütte or Kammersteinerhütte, and enjoy the incredible view of the foothills of the Alps before you hop back on your BMW motorbike. You are more drawn to water? How about a motorcycling tour along the Danube? The day trip will take you on a wonderful tour through Melk, Mautern and Traismauer to Riederberg before returning to Vienna. Take this opportunity and ride through the breathtaking rolling hills of the Wachau region. A trip to Aggstein castle is also worthwhile – the castle was built in the 12th century and offers you breathtaking views of the Danube Valley. 

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Motorcycle Rental in Vienna – Rent A Ride

Impressive architecture, imposing mountains, soft green hills and the rippling Danube: Vienna and the surrounding area offer you all of the above. Make the most of your stay in Vienna and experience the Austrian capital and its surrounding area with your dream bike from BMW. Rent a motorcycle in Vienna now and turn the road into your adventure!

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