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Rent a motorcycle in Warsaw with Rent A Ride

The Polish capital Warsaw is a lively and impressive city, and also the perfect base for extensive motorcycling tours through Mazovia. Riding through Warsaw on your motorbike, you’ll get close enough to touch Europe’s history, which is reflected in the city’s many architectural styles, from Rococo through Socialist Realism to modern architecture. Warsaw’s historical old town was completely rebuilt after the Second World War and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since as far back as 1980. On your BMW motorcycle, you can explore the city at your own pace. Where will your bike take you? To the imposing skyscraper of the Palace of Culture and Science, or Warsaw’s 18th century Royal Castle? The decision is entirely yours. On your bike, your desire for discovery knows no bounds.

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Objev Warsaw na motorce

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Hire a motorcycle – explore Warsaw and Mazovia

Warsaw lies on the Vistula river and, whether you follow it upstream or downstream, it will lead you into a magical landscape full of must-see places. The Mazovian Lowland has essentially been shaped by the Vistula river, the course of which is largely unspoiled and features numerous meanders. Explore the vast river landscape with its sleepy villages, ample forests and quiet roads, and delight in pure riding pleasure on your dream motorcycle from BMW. Mazovia is a real hidden gem. There’s no mass tourism here – you can experience the land and the people in all their natural authenticity, on a motorcycling tour to Pułtusk, for example, which is also known as the “Venice of Mazovia” and features the longest market square in Europe. But perhaps you’re more attracted by nature, and you’ll ride from Warsaw to the Kampionoski National Park? Wherever the whim takes you, your BMW Motorrad Rent A Ride rental partner in Warsaw has exactly the right bike to suit your plans.

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Motorbikes for hire in Warsaw – Rent A Ride

You can experience both culture and nature from Warsaw. On your hired motorcycle from BMW, all choices are open to you. Rent your dream bike with Rent A Ride now and discover Warsaw and Mazovia on motorcycling tours designed for your personal tastes. Our BMW Motorrad Rent A Ride rental partners in Warsaw are there for you.

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