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Rent a motorcycle in Yokohama with Rent A Ride

Yokohama is a vibrant port city in the Japanese prefecture of Kanagawa, which is in the metropolitan region of Tokyo. Yokohama is pulsating with life, and every district has its own charm. In the 1980s, former docks were transformed into the district of Minato Mirai 21. This modern quarter simply has to be seen when you visit Yokohama. Here, you’ll find impressive skyscrapers and the gigantic big wheel, CosmoClock 21. In Chinatown, you’ll come across numerous restaurants, and if you’re interested in Japanese culture, the Gumyō-ji Temple is a must-see. On your motorcycle from BMW, you can explore the city just as the mood takes you. One highlight for bikers is the double-deck Yokohama Bay Bridge, which spans just over a mile above Tokyo Bay. 

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Objev Yokohama na motorce

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Hire a motorcycle – explore Yokohama and Kanagawa

Getting to know the prefecture of Kanagawa on a motorcycle is an experience for any enthusiastic biker. The landscape of this region is exceptionally diverse: there’s not much distance separating the coasts of Tokyo Bay and Sagami Bay and the mountains of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Climb onto your bike in Yokohama and enjoy the unique landscape of Kanagawa on your trip to the National Park. Marvel at the Shiraito Falls, Fuji Five Lakes and, of course, Mount Fuji, the sacred mountain for Japan’s Shintoist population. The volcano of Fuji is one of Japan’s most famous landmarks and you can ride up it on a motorbike all the way to Gogōme. Over a thousand Shintoist shrines are dotted around the volcano. Wherever your travels take you, the journey itself is pure pleasure on a BMW motorcycle. 

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Motorbikes for hire in Yokohama – Rent A Ride

Whether you’re seeking the liveliness of the city or the peace and quiet of the Japanese mountains: you can reach both from Yokohama on your dream motorbike. Allow yourself to be dazzled by Japan’s diversity, and reserve your dream bike now from your BMW Motorrad rental partner in Yokohama.

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