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Motorbike Rental – Experience Zurich on Your BMW Motorcycle

Many consider Zurich to be the most beautiful canton in Switzerland. You can easily find out whether this is really true: explore the area and the city on your favourite BMW motorcycle, directly provided by the motorcycle rental outlet near Zurich. 

Zurich is a cosmopolitan city: economically and historically significant, it is a synonym for luxury and extravagance. Want to delve into vibrant city life? Then we recommend that you take a motorcycling tour from Schlieren to Altstetten. Experience the city in the most beautiful way: on your dream motorcycle from BMW!

Ride past famous Zurich luxury boutiques along Langstrasse and Bahnhofstrasse. Cruise up to Lindenhof and enjoy the one-of-a-kind view of the old town – a special experience, particularly in the evenings. Zurich is well-known for its bustling nightlife: The city has had its own lighting master plan developed to showcase its architecture, especially Quaibrücke bridge and the viaduct in Zurich West are a genuine highlight at night! Zurich-West is also one of the city’s nightlife districts, alongside the Langstrassequartier and Niederörfli. In total, Zurich boasts over 500 clubs and bars where you can celebrate after your motorcycling tour. If you prefer something more extravagant, take a look at Casino Zurich on Sihlbrücke bridge.

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Objev Zurich na motorce

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Motorcycling Tours in the Canton of Zurich – Rent A Ride

There are plenty of appealing motorcycling tours in the canton of Zurich! The region lies at just the right distance for a spin to Switzerland’s must-see sights. For example, it is less than 50 kilometres from the city of Zurich to the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen. This 150 meter wide waterfall is a breathtaking natural spectacle you just can’t miss! The stalactite caves of Höllgrotten in Baar, just 40 kilometres from Zurich, are also breathtaking. The cave system is open to tourists and has been impressively illuminated. If you want to experience the full splendour of the area on your motorcycle, this motorcycling tour is an absolute must: hop onto your BMW motorbike in Zurich and cruise down Route 17, a road that always runs along the shore of the lake, to the famous wooden bridge in Rapperswil.

Zurich is so beautiful, you could spend hours cruising through the city on your motorbike and let the impressions sink in. However, if you want to park up the motorcycle, you can take a dip in Lake Zurich at the Enge lakeside resort. Here’s a tip if you want to get to know Lake Zurich but don't want to get wet: at just under 300 metres, the Cassiopeiasteg pier connects Rote Fabrik cultural centre and the harbour of Wollishofen, taking you up to 100 metres out onto the water.

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Rent a BMW Motorcycle Near Zurich

Zurich and the surrounding area are a paradise for motorcycling fans. An experience you can’t afford to miss! Rent your dream motorbike directly from your BMW Motorrad rental partner in Zurich and off you go!

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