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Through the eyes of Michael Martin

Explore the world on a GS
Michael Martin combined his passions for travel, photography, and motorcycle riding and turned them into a profession. With his faithful companion, a BMW GS Adventure, he has already explored the most fascinating places in the world and documented his experiences in exciting books, lectures and TV films. Three of them are the Multivisions 'TERRA – Gesichter der Erde', Abenteuer Motorrad' and 'Planet Wüste’, in which he travels – by motorcycle among other things – to the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world and to the deserts of our planet, sharing them with the world through his lectures.  

This is what is waiting for you

Unique insights

Embark on a unique experience with Michael Martin for a few hours and immerse yourself in a world full of fascinating natural wonders and enthusiasm for planet Earth.

A wide range of options

Choose between tickets for different presentations. With 'Planet Wüste’, you accompany Michael Martin through sand and ice deserts. With 'TERRA – Gesichter der Erde’, you embark on a journey to ten of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world. And with ‘Abenteuer Motorrad’, Michael Martin tells you about three decades of passion and adventure, which he has experienced on BMW motorcycles.

Captivating lectures

Choose from four different presentations and let yourself be captivated: 'TERRA – Gesichter der Erde,' 'Planet Wüste,' ‘Abenteuer Motorrad' and ‘Die Welt im Sucher – Abenteuer Fotografie‘.

Détails de l’expérience


I am looking forward to taking you on an unforgettable journey with my BMW motorcycle.


Michael Martin

Diplom-Geographer, adventurer, photographer and lecturer

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find events with Michael Martin?

You can easily find events with Michael Martin on his website: https://www.michael-martin.de/de/termine_tickets/index.html

Which events does Michael Martin offer?

He offers tickets for his lectures about ‚TERRA – Gesichter der Erde‘, ‚Abenteuer Motorrad‘, ‚Planet Wüste‘ und ‚Die Welt im Sucher – Abenteuer Fotografie‘.

Michael Martin taking pictures during sunset next to his BMW GS


For over three decades, Michael Martin has been traveling the world as a photographer, adventurer, diplom-geographer and lecturer, capturing spectacular natural phenomena and sharing them with enthusiasts around the planet. As a long-standing partner of BMW, he prefers to experience his adventures on a motorcycle, which takes him to the most fascinating places in the world.

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