What happens in case of problems or accidents?

If something should happen or the motorbike has technical difficulties, you can contact your Rent A Ride rental partner. They will do their utmost to ensure that you can continue your journey safely, or collect you and the motorbike. Possible damage will of course be expertly assessed by your BMW Motorrad rental partner. You can influence the level of insurance with many Rent A Ride rental partners as part of your booking.

What are the cancellation conditions at Rent A Ride?

The cancellation conditions are determined by each Rent A Ride rental partner and can be viewed under "WHAT IS INCLUDED?" in the checkout.

Is the BMW motorbike rented from Rent A Ride insured?

Insurance cover is provided by the Rent A Ride rental partner. You can find details of the insurance cover in the General Terms and Conditions (at the end of the booking process there is a link on the final review page before finalising the booking). Contact your Rent A Ride rental partner directly with any other questions.

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