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Life is the sum total of all our experiences. And special moments on and with a motorcycle are our FUEL FOR LIFE.  If you, too, are ready to fill your life with unforgettable memories, you've come to the right place. FUEL FOR LIFE offers you exclusive experiences all about motorcycling. Here you'll find imaginative motorcycling trips, exciting events and professional training courses. Or your dream bike, which you can hire for your next road trip. All these offers are from selected partners and approved by BMW Motorrad.



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What offers are available at FUEL FOR LIFE?

FUEL FOR LIFE is your platform for unforgettable motorcycling experiences. We offer a diverse range of international and high-quality motorcycling trips, training courses and events, all organised by certified BMW Motorrad partners. Whether you are looking for an off-road adventure, want to experience laps of a racetrack on the latest BMW Motorrad, or would like to rent a BMW Motorrad for your next outing: you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for at FUEL FOR LIFE. Discover our wide range of offers and find your next motorcycling adventure.

Where can I find all offers for FUEL FOR LIFE trips, training courses and events?

Use our practical Experience Finder to find your next motorcycling adventure at FUEL FOR LIFE! The comprehensive list of all motorcycling trip, training course and event offers is presented in a clearly arranged catalogue overview. Use our simple filter options to adapt your search and search based on specific criteria. Discover our Experience platform now and experience your next unforgettable adventure with FUEL FOR LIFE!

I am planning to hire a BMW Motorrad from Rent A Ride. Where do I find the offers?

Please visit fuelforlife.bmw-motorrad.com/en/rental.html to see all the offers available from our rental partners. You can select the motorcycle, dates and town or city in which you would like to rent there. There are over 300 Rent A Ride rental partners in 28 countries to choose from.
You’ll receive a suggested price, and some rental partners also offer the option of adding rider gear, motorcycling accessories and insurance cover.

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