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The experience is fully booked
The experience is fully booked
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No contract is concluded between you and BMW. BMW assumes no responsibility or liability for the content of third-party websites.

Stunning hills and orange groves

Discover the Algarve: A thrilling 7-day motorcycling expedition
A pure adrenaline rush motorcycling off-road along the breathtaking Algarve coast! Prepare to be enthralled by the gravel roads, thrilling river crossings and impressive mountain ridges on this 7-day tour. Hidden gems of the Algarve region are just waiting to be discovered. Each stage offers new challenges and breathtaking landscapes. With more than a decade of experience and individual tours heading out from a central hotel, our partner promises you an unforgettable adventure tailored precisely to your needs!

This is what is waiting for you

Warm-up – a day on fantastic asphalt

We'll start off on asphalt along some of the windiest roads there are. This is a great day to warm up, familiarise ourselves with the motorcycles, our surroundings, and our new riding buddies.

Off-road riding training included

New to off-road? Keen to brush up your basic knowledge? Or complete an advanced Hill Climb training course? Not a problem. A whole day of riding training on our partner's training ground is included in the tour and is tailored to each individual's level.

The level of difficulty increases throughout the tour

Over the course of the week, we will be riding on increasingly challenging and exciting roads. But don't worry, as our partner's tour guides and instructors will always be there to help with useful hints and advice to help everyone enjoy the rides to the fullest.

Certified BMW Motorrad instructors

Certified BMW Motorrad IIA and ITA instructors will assist with their knowledge and reveal some great tips and ideas to improve everyone's riding skills. All tour guides are trained in first aid to guarantee the highest possible levels of safety.

Experience details


Additional options

Additional options

For this tour, you will ride a BMW R 1300 GS, including petrol costs and fully comprehensive insurance (excess of EUR 3,000). For an additional fee, you can book other services offered by our partner: 

  • Airport transfer on the day of arrival/departure: approx. EUR 85 per journey
  • Reduction of excess: EUR 350
  • Bring along your non-riding partner/guest: EUR 880*

* including accommodation, breakfast, access to the spa and gym

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Day 1

Arrival – Transfer from Algarve/Faro Airport, evening meal and information briefing

If you arrive early that day, we recommend the following: Explore the beautiful beaches directly adjacent to the resort. Explore the area. Supermarkets and restaurants are all within walking distance. In the evening there will be a group dinner at which the weekly schedule will be presented.

Day 2

Approx. 8.00 – 16.30, Asphalt tour – Monchique

In the morning, our partner will initially provide a short introduction and present the motorcycles. Then, we head north-east into the mountains north of Faro. The first stage is not too challenging, so that we can familiarise ourselves with our motorcycles and the Portuguese roads. The wonderful bends and curves start in the mountains. Apart from a few kilometres of light gravel in the morning, we will be riding on asphalt today. After lunch in Monchique, we continue on to the Fóia (902 metres above sea level). We pass magnificent cork oak plantations with a view of the Atlantic on our descent.

Day 3

Approx. 8.00 – 16.30, rider training course

On the third day, our partner will offer rider training at their training ground, which is located around 20 km away from the resort. The training grounds consist of large open spaces, hills of all sizes, river crossings, and much more. In the morning, the participants will learn about the rider position, proper handling of the motorcycle, braking technique, cornering, and more. In the afternoon, the focus is on safety when riding uphill and downhill, and when crossing rivers. A long and challenging day, but the techniques learned will be of great benefit over the coming days.

Day 4

Approx. 8.00 – 16.30, Adventure tour – Eucalyptus

The tour leads north and past Silves before continuing on gravel. In the morning, the route passes through eucalyptus plantations, hence the name of the tour. Throughout the day, we will have plenty of opportunities to practise cornering. In the morning, coffee is served at Barragem de Odelouca, one of the many dams in the Algarve. After lunch in an old mill with a panoramic view, the route continues along slightly faster gravel roads and a cruising section through the picturesque village of Sao Marcos da Serra. Our partner can also offer some thrilling alternatives for anyone looking for even more challenges today.

Day 5

Approx. 8.00 – 16.30, Adventure tour – Water

The more exciting part of this tour starts just north of our partner's training area (about 20 km from the resort). The route initially follows some technical and exciting roads through the Aquas Belas Valley. After a few kilometres of asphalt, we continue along slightly faster dirt roads through a few valleys further north. When we head south again, we have a fantastic view of Monchique and experience plenty of ascents and descents on the way back to the training ground. Even if it might be a slightly shorter day, our partner has a number of additional options for riders seeking even more excitement.

Back in Silves, we head for the coast and after an extended lunch break at our partner's favourite restaurant in Carvoeiro, we will ride past some of the most famous beaches in the Algarve. We return to the resort a little earlier today as our partner has planned a sociable evening activity for the group.

Day 6

Approx. 8.30 – 16.30, Adventure tour – Lakes

One of the most varied days on the tour. We head off for a few kilometres through smaller villages and orange groves and then continue along wonderfully winding asphalt roads. After the first coffee break, we continue along gravel with exciting bends and curves near Rio Arade. This exciting adventure route follows the varied mountain and valley route northwards. After lunch, we can savour the ride through the lush valley landscape with several river crossings, possibly some mud and fantastic views. Of course, there are also many challenging options on this day for anyone seeking them.

Day 7

Departure – check-out and transfer to Algarve/Faro Airport

Time flies by when you are having fun, and unfortunately we have now reached the end of this adventure. Some guests choose to head directly back to the airport. If you have more time, you can stay and enjoy the amenities of the resort and hopefully some sun and bright blue skies before returning home. Fortunately, our partner has a host of other tours for you to experience, so hopefully you'll be back soon.

Frequently asked questions

How can I book a FUEL FOR LIFE experience?

Simply use the contact form to send us your enquiry. To do this, use the 'Send request now' button and enter your contact details.

Select the options that best suit your needs from the services offered in the following overview. Our partner providing the service will immediately submit an offer tailored to your wishes and will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Please note that submitting an enquiry to our partner does not constitute a confirmed booking. The booking will be confirmed directly between you and our partner in the next step.

Who is the organising partner?

The tour is provided by our partner Ride Nordic AB. Our partner will organise the experience independently and offer it to the group participants in its own name. All the information relating to this offering, including price information, was provided by our FUEL FOR LIFE partner.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions about this offer, the Ride Nordic AB team would be glad to help. You can reach our partner at the following email address:

We, the FUEL FOR LIFE team, are also happy to help you at any time. You can email us at the following address:

Can I take part in the tour with my own motorcycle?

We regret that you cannot take part in this trip on your own motorcycle. However, our partner will provide you with the latest BMW R 1300 GS at no surcharge for the duration of the motorcycling trip.

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The "Portugal – Algarve Mountains" tour is organised by our official BMW Motorrad partner Ride Nordic AB .

Our partner and their off-road riding training centre are located in Lidköping, Sweden. The Ride Nordic AB team of instructors and tour guides has many years of experience with tours and motorcycling adventures. Ride Nordic AB has over 10 years of experience and organises adventure tours in Portugal as well as exclusive adventure tours in Iceland and Greece. The main focus of the tours is on experiencing rides on exciting roads in beautiful surroundings, but also on challenges and technical routes that strengthen the team spirit.

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