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Motorcycling trip through Italy’s beauty

Twelve-day motorcycling tour through Bella Italia
With our partner TWT Moto, set off on an extraordinary journey from Rome to Catania. Take in the captivating, historic aura of the Italian capital and traverse the beautiful, diverse landscape down to southern Italy. Along the route, you’ll be enchanted by the timeless charm of Pompeii, discover the curvy roads of the famed Amalfi Coast and immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of Consenza. Cherish the beauty of picturesque Taormina before reaching your sun-soaked destination of Catania. This extraordinary motorcycling tour combines history, culture and breathtaking landscapes with maximum riding enjoyment, so that you have an unforgettable time. Prepare yourself for a journey of exploration, discovery and lasting memories along every kilometre of this unique Italian tour. This tour will be unforgettable!

This is what is waiting for you

A varied motorcycling trip

From the Italian pearl of the coast to hilly mountain passages, every individual stage of this tour, from Rome to Catania, boasts different perspectives and insights into this enchanting country. Enjoy the extraordinary, enthralling mix of different cultures and the liberating thrill of winding down curvy roads through fascinating landscapes.

Cultural diversity, art and exquisite cuisine 

Explore Italy in a new way by combining living culture, captivating art and authentic cuisine with motorcycling. Wind your way through different regions and discover their flair and unique history. Experience the essence of beauty and immerse yourself in the heart and soul of the Italian culture.

Certified BMW Motorrad tour guides

Experienced ITA certified BMW Motorrad tour guides (International Tourguide Academy) accompany you on your journey and provide expert tips, as well as some useful tricks. Small group sizes mean that you receive optimum supervision, allowing you to enjoy your tour to its fullest.


Day 1 – Day 4

From Rome to Castelmezzano – historic tradition and spectacular natural beauty

On day 1, our partner welcomes you at 5:00 p.m. for the introductory briefing. Here, you receive important information for the coming days. Start your adventure by leaving Rome behind you and riding to Pompeii, where you can take some time to explore its historical excavation site, a testimony to the grandeur of ancient Rome. You also get the chance to marvel at the crater of Mount Vesuvius or enjoy an Italian espresso in Naples. 

You then continue onwards from Naples along the scenic, winding roads in towards the Amalfi Coast. The colourful little towns by the sea boast breathtaking views. After that, you arrive at the next interesting stop along the route pretty fast – Castelmezzano. Historic, Italian charm and dramatic landscapes blend seamlessly here. Like in the Dolomites, rough natural beauty, centuries-old history and curvy passes merge together, creating a picturesque environment.

Day 2 – Day 6

From Castelmezzano to Consenza – Italian flair meets mountain landscape

You then leave Castelmezzano and set off for Cosenza. Along your way, you ride through a fascinating, Italian landscape, discovering new sights to marvel at beyond each curve. Old cities with Italian flair and mountainous natural beauty await you on this journey. Let your gaze wander, as you explore the unspoilt beauty of the area.  

Your trip then takes you to Matera, a spectacular city known for its stone buildings, and Alberobello, where the distinctive design of its trulli houses will astound you. These little, round houses with scale-like stone roofs will really catch your attention. A blend of traditional history and modern energy. The journey unfolds kilometre by kilometre, revealing the enchanting diversity of Italy before coming to an end in Consenza.

Day 7 – Day 12

From Consenza to Cantania – historical charm combined with culinary treasures

From Consenza, your trip continues to Sicily by ferry. You visit the city of Taormina, where you’ll experience breathtaking views and a ton of history. A day of rest from the tougher-going previous day gives you the chance to explore the impressive corners and narrow streets of the city. If you still have the urge to do more motorcycling, you can go on an outing along the beautiful roads to the volcano Mount Etna.  

You’ll continue onwards to colourful Palermo, where the busy streets are replete with cultural treasures. By motorcycle, you’ll resume your trip riding through the picturesque city of Palma de Montechiaro before finally reaching Catania. Lively, Italian markets, the city’s famed culinary scene and its architectural marvels provide the perfect conclusion of this unique motorcycling trip. All good things have to come to an end at some point, and on day 12 your tour draws to a close. After breakfast, you head home with many unforgettable memories. 

This motorcycling tour will show you the most beautiful facets of Italy.


Thomas Weinmayr

Managing Director, TWT Moto GmbH

Experience details


Additional options

Additional options

Your journey takes place on a BMW F 800 GS. If you would like to ride a different model, you can choose from the following models for an additional charge: 

  • BMW F 900 GS: EUR 200
  • BMW R 1300 GS: EUR 400
  • BMW R 1250 GS Adventure: EUR 600
  • BMW R 1250 RT: EUR 600

The single room supplement is EUR 890.
The price for one passenger is EUR 3,990.

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The bike used for the tour, the BMW GS

The bike used for the tour, the BMW GS

The BMW GS family makes every surface you will find on the tour a uniquely enjoyable riding experience. Don’t lose sight of your destination if you wish to expand your horizons. Thanks to their comprehensive equipment, you can adjust the bikes to your needs with ease, allowing you to enjoy each and every second. 

The motorcycles may vary from the ones depicted. The image serves only to represent the product family.

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Motorcyclists enjoy the evening atmosphere on the motorcycling tour to Sicily

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TWTMoto GmbH is an official BMW Motorrad tour partner. All guides and instructors are certified and meet the highest BMW standards. They have been certified by the BMW Motorrad International Tour Guide Academy (ITA) and the International Instructor Academy (IIA). TWTMoto’s headquarters are in the middle of the Alps. They know every mountain pass and have been riding their motorbikes through the Alps for more than 20 years. Our partner is specialised in tours and training in Europe. Along with their joy of travelling, the team brings extensive knowledge and experience in order to travel to the most beautiful places in the world. Whether it’s on/off-road tours or on/off-road training, our partner shows you the world by motorbike.

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